Meant To Be Together…

~ Writix

You asked me the possibilities of us parting ways. I looked into your eyes, put my hand on your cheeks, and told you that the possibilities were many, since life is unpredictable but somethings are just meant to be together, like us and that it is not necessary that things always have to go different ways, because somethings last forever, if you make them to.

Out of all the promises


Out of all the promises I have ever made to you and will ever make, 
One of the most believable one is that 
I promise to love you so much, so passionately everyday 
That you'll get tired of asking yourself
If what you are experiencing is for real or just a dream 
And even if we will be low on a few days,
As long as we will be there for each other, 
I'm sure we'll make it through