The Portrait

By ~ Anshuman jaiswal

A photographer sees this world at its best.

Akshansh, a photographer while on his way capturing the wonderous himalayas finds someone even beautiful than the serene, white peaks.

This story of a rendevouz leading to a casual yet passionate romance will surely stir you deep within.

One Sided, I Guess.

By ~ Aryan Pal

“Friendzone me as much as you want, I’ll never stop trying.”

Teens aren’t considered mature enough to apprehend love, but Ayur, a boy of seventeen develops a yearning passion for a girl in his new school. As usual Cupid plays unfair and he eventually realizes that this girl doesn’t feel the same way.

Confused and plagued Ayur decides to never give up on his first true love.

This peculiar love story or rather one-sided love story will certainly make you crave for the wonderful feeling of first love.