I know a tale, beautiful but doomed

That seemed so perfect once, but now flawed.

She was not like those alpha demi goddesses,

Yet I did fall for those fiery sparkle of her eyes.

She never promised me an eternity,

Yet I did fall for that ethereal innocence.

 She had stabs, scars and flaws,

Yet her face glowed like a winter moon.

We were so close, yet miles apart

Our heartbeats synced, yet it broke

She was that rain, solemn and pure,

I were that broken shell, lone and scarred.

And every time we inched closer,

We were forced to be apart.

Once she took me with her,

And my eyes rained with love and cheer,

Not knowing that it was a faint silver line,

Which would soon vanish in thin air.

But the way she did hold me close

Closer to her profusely bleeding heart,

Is all I would ever need to live this life.

But no one believes this story of mine,

The most beautiful love story in time.

The best love stories are the imaginary ones, right!😊

Darling, you got into my veins!

~ Sahil Lakhmani

My cold feet walk up to the balcony in the dead of night.
I smell, solitude misunderstood as freedom.
The mind is not drunk but is still going through the
Eyes can see the stars above
and hear a demoniac laugh
As the harsh wind blows on my face, I am awaken.

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The rustling of leaves, the whistle of the wind,
The moon shining bright and the howling cold breeze.
It made me anxious and I felt a twitch,
It made me ponder, it made me think.
When everything goes right, when everything goes mercifully, 
There comes this slightest of doubt, this ambiguity.
Is everything really fine, is everything really glee, 
Or are we the mere puppets, pretending it playfully?

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They say they love the way I use words, words they have known for so long, and I can arrange them wonderfully like pearls tied in a silk thread.

“How do I do it?”

I’m some Magician who can write their heart, the way they always wanted to say but those simple words never arranged for them as they did for me which makes me wonder- “Do I say precisely things which every beating heart on this sin land needs to say?”

“Do we all feel the same pain and immenseness of that pain in the same way words make them feel?”

I write my tragedy, in my way but they see their’s dancing in between. Making me wonder, how can they feel my pain as theirs? The pain connects us, and we know the language of pain. How does it feel to be shot with bullets of pain?

No one will be spared we know. Then also we dare to, we choose to, we consider to gift the Black Box of pain to others.

One day you were quietly sitting at the long chair in your room moving back and forth, under the moving fan with the silence of the week.

The sound is of fan and moving clock tic tik tic, eyes closed, a smile spread on lips when you sense something. Something which shouldn’t be there lying on the table near you “The Black Box of Pain” someone left for you. Every happiness around started dissolving slowly rapidly and then all at once. You swirl and move, cry and doze, and do what it demands. It is so cruel you curse and then all at once, you relive the moment you did with someone once. Now ” The Black Box of Pain” resting on the wooden table in your home. You cringe and scare quiver and fear curse it still it won’t leave you; until each bone, in you do realise that what it takes to be in pain.

It takes everything till you understand and gradually it disappears.

So, before gifting ” The Black Box of Pain” to someone who loved you once thought of you in shine and rain.

Think once more- No one suffers alone here. Everything here, is a Boomerang and will return back.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

I always thought life was Black and White.
There’s a good and a bad, a wrong and a right.
We don’t get time from our busy worlds,
To appreciate and watch the beauty unfurl;
The beauty of life, with all it’s shades:
There’s never a time that the colour fades.
Sometimes strangers come as angels in disguise
To show us that in reality, we live in a paradise.
Adversity too, has it’s own hue
Amaranth Pink, or perhaps a Palatinate Blue.
With Spring comes, a promise of sunshine,
This makes us forget how winter made us whine.
God gives us strength in mysterious ways
To endure the forlorn Winter days.
To appreciate life, one needs to live.
And perhaps, learn to forget and forgive.
From the ocean of colours: You can acquire,
The shade you love; Or most desire.

~Sahil Lakhmani

In a world of hatred and despair ,
Where there is no love or care;
Beware as the end is near,
For then you will be gripped by fear!
The sea levels are rising high,
It just seems that they would touch the sky!

And between all this commotion,
Is an infant laughing merrily;

The poles are melting day by day 
Cause ever so scorching is even the morning sun’s ray
People are rushing here and there,
There’s a big flood coming, so BEWARE!
It is such a big massacre, slaughter everywhere
Believe me, it is such a scare!
Some are killed by the flood,
Others are being trampled upon by their own blood;

There is only one distinguished sound,
Of an infant laughing merrily!

Only one life left on Earth,
The cheerful infant, that little birth! 
Not a scar on his delicate limbs,
Protected from all things grim;

Suddenly, he has the feeling of being picked up,
Being cuddled like a pup!
A spirit of power mighty,
Oh, he is the Great Almighty!
(The innocent infant playing with his mustache)
Thee asks” Why are you laughing at this splash?”
” Looking below I can see the entire world,
Such a secret has been unfurled;
Who doesn’t like to play with the water,
After all I am just a little totter”

God laughs and then cries,
Both disappearing in thin air,

A new world,
New life,
New beginning,
NO despair!

~ Sahil Lakhmani

Worry is so worrisome,
It creates stress we would want to run away from.
We worry over things big and small,
Oh! the bacteria in my food!!
Oh! the new gen blues!!
Oh! my friend sings so well,
and oh! my waist! It increases so in magnitude!
And we worry worry worry!

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