Write and win the amazing Soulstory Box. An exciting box filled with some uber cool surprises. Books, journals, and so much more.

How to enter the contest? Oh! That’s really simple! Just send in your piece of writing. You can send one or more than one of them. We’ll publish it. And that’s how you enter the contest!

How to win the epic Soulstory box? Oh! That’s cool. The post receiving the highest number of visitors during the period 21st August to 21st October will win the Soulstory Box.

It’s that simple. Just send in your entries and if your post gets the highest number of visitors, you win!!!!!

How can I increase my chances of winning? Hmm. Should I tell you that? Okay am telling. It’s really simple, just share it with as many people as you can!!

How many prizes are there? A Soulstory Feel Box as the First prize and a Soulstory Amaze Box as the Second prize.

How will I get my prize? We’ll deliver it to your home.

Best of luck!