We at Soulstory want to make your stay at home real fun!

We want you to win great prizes while you stay at home helping the world tackle Covid-19.

You have the amazing chance of winning some wonderful merchandises from Soulstory. Excited about what that maybe?

There are two grand prizes.

The first prize consists of the Soulstory Trunk that has a collection of various fabulous books + some really awesome artistic stuff from @handmadelovestudio , one of the finest art studios in India.

The second prize is a merchandise from Books n Beyond, which is one of the most cherished places for book lovers from across India.

The top 10 entries would get the exclusive Soulstory Author Pass for 3 months which comes at a price of 599. As of now the Soulstory Author Pass is only available on special-Invites.

How to participate in the contest?

Just take out your creative genius. Send us your poetries, articles, essays, stories, or quotes using this link : LetsWin! OR Send them through direct message on our Instagram Page :

It could be both in English as well as Hindi.

We’ll publish your work on , and notify you about the same. Now every time anyone visits or shares your post you’ll get points. For every share you’ll get 5 points. While for every visitor you’ll get 1 point. You get extra 20 points if you have subscribed to our mailing list.

The contest is open from 1st April ,2020 to 30th April, 2020.

On the 6th of May, 2020 we would announce the results on this page itself as well as on our Instagram Page :

What would make you the more probable winner?

Ah..thats a secret which we are revealing just to you. Just share your post to as many people as possible. And ask them to share it to even more people. That would make your chances of winning much much more. You get points every time anyone visits or shares your post.

Things To Know

You are free to send in any number of entries you feel like. But for the results only one of them would be taken into account. And for that we’ll consider the one that has the most points among all your entries.

You should send in only your original entries. Don’t send in copied content.

Winners of the Contest

Gauri Rajput

Sahil Lakhmani