The rustling of leaves, the whistle of the wind,
The moon shining bright and the howling cold breeze.
It made me anxious and I felt a twitch,
It made me ponder, it made me think.
When everything goes right, when everything goes mercifully, 
There comes this slightest of doubt, this ambiguity.
Is everything really fine, is everything really glee, 
Or are we the mere puppets, pretending it playfully?

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I had the number of the girl I desired, but not the courage to put up a conversation with her. After having typed ‘Hi Kritika’ and deleting every single character for innumerable times, I gave up. Teenage lovers are the most moody people you can find on the façade of earth, I waited for a spasm of desperate-confidence to hit me.

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 I wonder, why the earth and the sky were separated,
Why the world is cruel, yet beautiful.

Ones that threw stones, 
and the ones that were thrown at,
Between them there’s a fence, 
that isn’t easy to overcome.
When the standing position changes, justice peels the fang.

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