Why do I write?

Reasons are many, few, I know and many are yet to be found.

Can you find all the pearls in the depth of Sea in just one go, in a single drown?

It will take days, and many more nights to know “who truly am I?”

However, it makes me wonder sometimes,” Do I had really known myself if, I never started to write?” Continue reading “Why do I write?”

It’s Burdening!!

I have seen people regretting, suffering who never get to confess their Love.

Different people different reasons- A thing in common “suffering”.

Some make peace with the situation hiding their feelings, some chose to be friends as they are afraid of confessing and losing the person, some distant themselves as they are left with no choice.

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The Virtual Conversations

I had the number of the girl I desired, but not the courage to put up a conversation with her. After having typed ‘Hi Kritika’ and deleting every single character for innumerable times, I gave up. Teenage lovers are the most moody people you can find on the façade of earth, I waited for a spasm of desperate-confidence to hit me.

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