Be A Gentleman!!

You’re drunk.

It’s a birthday party and everybody’s dancing. You have drunk off your limits and now you’re searching for a room to relax a bit.

You finally find a room and the door’s already open.

But you see there’s a girl in there. She’s holding her forehead with both her hands like she has committed a dark sin.

Maybe she drank, too.

‘Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit in here? Actually, there’s too much noise in the hall.’


You sit beside her on the same bed and venture what’s wrong with her.

‘I’m drunk and it’s my first time,’ she says, mulls over something, and continues, ‘I shouldn’t have had so much.’

And, as she says that, the light goes off.

The power supply’s cut.

‘Oh, my.’ She mumbles inside her trembling lips, picks herself up, and sits afar from where she was sitting earlier.

‘My cell phone’s in the hall,’ she says, again within herself.

She’s not afraid of darkness. She is afraid of a man in darkness.

You sense the gravity of the situation and leave the room, straight away. And a few minutes later, you return with a flashlight on.

‘May I now come in, madam?’ You say in a sarcastic tone.

‘Haha, how sweet. Come on in.’ She says to you, with a small, warm smile.

‘Not all men are same.’ She says, this time to her inner-self.

Build a character in such a way that even in a dark room, a girl feels safe with you.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

The Plight of Migrant Workers

This article has been co-authored by Ojasav Chitranshi of National Law University, Jodhpur and Stuti Dhawan of ILS, Pune. The article talks about different plights of migrant workers during Covid-19 lockdown in a summarized manner. 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • Who are migrant workers?
    • The defining image of India  
    • An unplanned lockdown
    • Desperation to go home
    • Starvation
    • Migrant workers in cities 
    • Brutality 
  • Shramik special trains 
  • Conclusion


COVID-19 pandemic and the eventuating loss of life and livelihoods, demonstrates a prodigious catastrophe- a socio economic calamity that has left all countries of the world in disarray. Countries across the globe are making headway to tackle this crisis. In pursuance to this the Indian government has also announced and enforced a nationwide lockdown as a combative measure to prevent the further transmission of the deadly virus without giving time for people to adjust to these stringent conditions. Though necessary, this move has unfortunately engendered a reverse exodus of migrant labourers, the magnitude of which has not been expected and witnessed till date. These migrant workers are the worst hit during this grave emergency period. “Whether they are international migrants or internal migrants, such workers are the most disproportionately affected given their inadequate and crowded living conditions, limited access to health care and basic services and exploitative labour system.”

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Beautiful Life!…

Life can be my way, the way I want it to curve around or can transform into something I never wished, expected or even thought of maybe in a good way or in bad.

My life can walk holding my hands or can make me fall around.

Someday I will be the Hero of my story and on some days I can be my own foe. Continue reading “Beautiful Life!…”

The Teenage Suicide Epidemic

~Akshay Tiwari

In recent years, India has seen great social progress. We have managed to amend the now infamous section 377 of the IPC, and the laws surrounding adultery. On 28th September the Supreme Court ruled that women of all ages can enter Kerala’s Sabarimala temple. These are just a few examples of the many fields of progress I see my country making and the joy it brings me is quite inexpressible, yet it is soured by the stagnation that one can notice in one of the other big issues that plagues us, the issue of mental health problems and teenage suicide.

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