Who are you?

~Marta Vidiari

Who are you when you sleep? .. ⠀
There are two lives, for you and for me, ⠀
In one you think a lot, ⠀
and in another thoughts play with you. ⠀ ⠀

This is the world where you close your eyes, ⠀
and you open completely different doors with them … ⠀
you just go inside yourself, ⠀
You open another self … ⠀
And while you sleep, you’re happy there, you can afford it! ⠀
When you wake up, you see the reflection of another self … ⠀
Who are you when you’re not sleeping? … ⠀

Be A Gentleman!!

You’re drunk.

It’s a birthday party and everybody’s dancing. You have drunk off your limits and now you’re searching for a room to relax a bit.

You finally find a room and the door’s already open.

But you see there’s a girl in there. She’s holding her forehead with both her hands like she has committed a dark sin.

Maybe she drank, too.

‘Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit in here? Actually, there’s too much noise in the hall.’


You sit beside her on the same bed and venture what’s wrong with her.

‘I’m drunk and it’s my first time,’ she says, mulls over something, and continues, ‘I shouldn’t have had so much.’

And, as she says that, the light goes off.

The power supply’s cut.

‘Oh, my.’ She mumbles inside her trembling lips, picks herself up, and sits afar from where she was sitting earlier.

‘My cell phone’s in the hall,’ she says, again within herself.

She’s not afraid of darkness. She is afraid of a man in darkness.

You sense the gravity of the situation and leave the room, straight away. And a few minutes later, you return with a flashlight on.

‘May I now come in, madam?’ You say in a sarcastic tone.

‘Haha, how sweet. Come on in.’ She says to you, with a small, warm smile.

‘Not all men are same.’ She says, this time to her inner-self.

Build a character in such a way that even in a dark room, a girl feels safe with you.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

The Lecherous Crime…

Insidious gaze

Circumspect ears

Wandering dark meadows

He stops and stares

Those carnal looks lustful

Luring her senses away

That booby trap profound

And she becomes his prey

Its love that brings her down

Love in his lusty eyes

Thwarted by his plans- malafide

Far and wise she flies

Swiftly he chases her

Startled, she turns around

Shot after shot, he fires

And she is brought to ground

Looking into his eyes

Profusely bleeding

“Grant me life, O’ Master!”

She starts pleading

Her broken wings

And shattered dreams

Breaks his heart

And guilt-traps him

“What have I done, O’ life!

A grave mistake

A heinous crime”

He sings his melancholy rhyme

After all the treachery

And all the lechery

Love is all that remains

He’ll love her forever

Until they die. 

Just one fact

She’ll never fly. 

~ Sahil Lakhmani


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Crimson cheddars instil up the sky,

Giving out a snoozing peace for mind

Witty clouds line up for a dye

But are never deemed one of a kind!

Ohh! These misty mornings!

They are the best for all over the rest.

Giving hard encore for a doozy mind, to live up a spirited life!

Isn’t our life the same?

Or is it that we lack a real virtuality.

Engrossed everyday in the same name and moronic blames,

To forget the Eden’s garden where we came!

Artificial vernacular diaries are the dearest to us,

Knowing unknowingly aren’t we departing our heavenly Earth!

Think from your heart, not the brain, As,

God only help those who are fussy towards nature and not the antonym ones.

~ Sahil Lakhmani