the end

~Jacques J.P. Hanekom

I've heard of the end - be it
by flood or fire,
or blood in war-

from what I've tasted of desire
it seems to kindle the fire,
while my knowledge of war
recollects images of gore;

I have felt enough of hate
fueling my destructive heart
to know that it is also great-

this will tear us apart.  


I don’t know what to say

I don’t know what to think

You may be well aware

That I’m tired of these things

I like to spend my time alone

But I’m dying for your company

Past experiences have shown me

That no matter what

you’ll never ask for me

I’ve been staying away for quite a while

Thoughts make me feel like I’m exiled

But if I feel you feel that way

That feeling would be another mistake

And yes truly a thing of shame

Loving someone who never felt the same

Slowly she fades away

But my heart always refuses

Words say that I’ve moved on

God I hate these vile excuses.

~Siddharth Singh

The Whims And Caprices of A One Sided Lover…


I’m not a hero

I’m just a man

The image of myself

Led me deep in this pain

I am not special

I’m part of the crowd

I am not precious

I’m full of doubts

This world sees me differently

God, I don’t know what’s real

Was stuck in this fallacy

Now truths have been revealed

So behind the noises

I watch as they go

For I’m just ordinary

Not a superhero

~Siddharth Singh