Happy Birthday!!


~ Sahil Lakhmani

Unlike her usual days, Meera woke up early. She wanted to celebrate this day…. as him and for him. She doesn’t want to live this day for her but for him.

Each day Meera woke up by his favorite songs as her alarm tone, so that each morning could remind her the bond of lovely words between them. The gulf of the silence was always filled with the echo of songs between them. Then she made his favourite breakfast, feeling each moment of their togetherness. How he used to cry fake while chopping veggies and she got scared… how she puts smiley ketchup over bread making him smile and so much more.

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You saw only the smile, not the storm hidden in my eyes
Because you needed happiness, not turbulent skies.

You heard only the laughter, not the cries of pain
Because you wanted perfection, you tightened the chain.

You felt only the cold skin, not the relief at last;
Because you had finally lost the control you'd amassed...


Every time I look at you,

The world turns upside down.

Maybe those finery words blemishes me into your loving heart,

Or maybe it’s the act of vision I lack…

Or maybe the lust for the life allures me to you.

How far we will go,don’t know… ..

Maybe some miles away or overthrow thousands of milestones…

But after all at the heaven’s sake,

At the dusk and at the dawn,

At the river or at the dale,

While looking at the starry night

Or quietly cuddling at the corner in the pitched up darkness,

I know our shadows won’t forget the blaze of each other’s wind,

Or maybe would just get lost in those stormy strings… .

Do you feel this way?

Or maybe you just don’t want to feel this complete utterance I make in your way.

Is this how the karma works?

Or it’s just a camouflage you cover?

Just once listen to my pleading heart,

Maybe you’ll get to know the story behind it.

~ Sahil Lakhmani