How is it like to lose a devil but not lose love

~Neha Lekhak

you were nothing but the rude voices 
the clashing of swords and staves

you broke me so hard 
i had to vent it out 
played with my heart 
for you to curse me 
with every nook and corner
your will
would ever have to offer to me 

oh love
you should have believed me
when i had said,
"i am your little girl 
and you are
my favorite bonhomie"

i would forever hate to let you go 
i had tried with all my might 
but couldn't leave you alone 

as time savored my broken parts
my character had to take off
her unrelenting costume 
and unyielding face mask
the way you killed and shattered 
each of my nerves apart 

until i couldn't consume myself within 

the fierce and lawless that you were 
the fierce and lawless that you turned
(me into)

i created chances
for you to blow me out and leave me 
the only golden moments to go fleeting 

a compassion beyond pain
and only 
if i had an umbrella 
for my difficult moments 

the way you let me stand out in the cold 
darling, i would tell you,
"you are deficient in reading me
and oh so adequately!
you failed me yet again, and miserably so."


Written on her mind

Was a false story

The words of her talking

To him in her diaries

Although she rarely gets to see him

Since the day he lost interest

Filling her mind with lucid dreams

Leaving her clinging and obsessed

I watch her everyday

Lost in a world where he’s there for her

And of her, she seems so content

Dancing in visions that are so blur

I wonder what she’d go through

Once the vicious truth

would burst upon her

The emptiness that’ll consume her

When she’ll recognise her untrue lover

And for now I can just watch her

Together with him in the delusion

For I’m too scared to bring it upon her

The ache of the hindsight,

due to her own seclusion.

~Siddharth Singh