A Quarantined Heart…!!

The more I read your words
The more I felt like i’m going to
Sneak up on to your heart,
But then I remembered that
I didn’t have the key.

Nor do I have your assent to
Let my ways apart,
So amidst of all these thoughts,
I decided to snowball all your words,
The epitome of coherency and veracity,
And embellished them on my Sword.

Fighting in the ball games of my life,
So here I sit today,
To pen out what I feel ,to make it reach out to you,
That i’m here searching for your mystery,
Not for you but to add kudos to my history,

To unveil your angelic soul as you know,
Human nature is nothing but trans-migratory.
Nevertheless, I’m glad for, Having and letting you go both,
Because now I put myself on high growth.
Till then I lend you a goodbye,
Until again your path crosses mine….

~Gauri Rajput