Worry is so worrisome,
It creates stress we would want to run away from.
We worry over things big and small,
Oh! the bacteria in my food!!
Oh! the new gen blues!!
Oh! my friend sings so well,
and oh! my waist! It increases so in magnitude!
And we worry worry worry!

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In that cold raging night,
He rose above the tides
Defeated all his demons,
Brought an end to the fight.
What name did he have?
The mighty symbol of strength
No one knows about him,
As he was never seen again.
I’m searching for this hero,
Who can save me from myself
For I am just a host of,
The parasite that dwells…

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 I wonder, why the earth and the sky were separated,
Why the world is cruel, yet beautiful.

Ones that threw stones, 
and the ones that were thrown at,
Between them there’s a fence, 
that isn’t easy to overcome.
When the standing position changes, justice peels the fang.

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~ Lakshmi Raj Sharma

There are magical moments in our life; moments when we feel that more than real or logical forces are in operation. These are few but they have an impact on our minds. When they come they grip us as few others do. When we are in communion with the Almighty we undergo a similar magical moment for we have reached the domain of the extra-rational. Actually there is nothing extra-rational. We condition our minds to label things and experiences as more than logical and sane. All human experience is a blend of the logical and the imaginary. Science has tended to consider the latter unreal. But the magical is part of human reality and should not be discarded, The most real moments are when we embrace our Maker imaginatively and become one with Him.

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