He didn’t read it. Any of it. All the letters laid in front of him and he didn’t dare touch one. It reminded him of the time when things were okay, better, easier, happier but it was nostalgic

He hated nostalgia. He always looked forward to making his future better, leaving behind the past. But he couldn’t this time. Because his past simply laid in front of his eyes.

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He wanted to forget everything. But he felt sad. Sad, because how inconsiderate he had become since he wanted to burn all the letters filled with love, sharing someone’s joy, tears, success, failure. Sharing someone’s life.

His hands trembled when he went to take the very last letter that arrived a week ago, that he didn’t have enough courage to read it.

When he opened the letter, he saw the picture of his 2 year old daughter, smiling innocently at the camera. Tears filled his eyes.

These were his stars. He couldn’t let them go neither he could keep them close. He tried, but it resulted in making him feel worse. He started feeling guilty again, for not being a part of her life when he could have.

That day he cried. He cried his heart out. He had nowhere to go and nowhere to stay. He felt alone. He knew life was turning up against him for doing the same with his love, his girlfriend.

He couldn’t keep it anymore. So he let them out, he let the tears out. Drowning himself deep into the ocean of regret so he find a cure on the sea bed.

~ Tanishka Chaudhary


There was something about those eyes. Something special. As if the whole world was waiting to get a glimpse of those eyes but I was the lucky winner who got the chance to see them first.

“You have your mother’s eyes,” I whispered in her ears.

Her new little fingers grasped my finger tightly. Holding her in my arms I felt as if I was holding my entire world.

I still remember the day I first met her mother. She was sitting there all alone.

“ Can I take your picture? “

“ Why? “

She said this without looking at me.

“ of all the things I have seen, you are the second most beautiful. “

“ and what is the first one? “

“ Your Eyes. “

“ Why should I believe you? “

She was still looking down stirring her cup of coffee.

“ I am a photographer. I capture beauty. No one knows about beauty better than me.” She looked in my direction but not at me.

“ Dead! “

“ What? “

“My eyes, they are dead. I am blind,“ Her eyes were trying to guess my position.

“ You said no one knows beauty better than you but I don’t know what is beauty. I don’t know the difference between beauty and ugliness. Do you still think that my eyes are beautiful?”

I couldn’t see her eyes because they were blurred with tears.

“ In our profession they say, If the picture is blur, you are not close enough, ” I moved closer to her. Her face just inches away from mine. She was still trying to guess my position. My breath directed her to me. I kissed her eyes and she got her answer.

I was looking in those eyes. Her eyes. I tried to uncurl her little fingers by pressing on her palm, she curled them back into a tight fist and I captured this moment in my camera.

“ Operation theater is ready.”

“ Coming Doctor. “

“ Are you sure you want to do this? “

“ What do my reports say Doctor? “

“ You have maximum 4 months. “

“ Then I am pretty much sure. “

“ But you will never be able to capture beauty in your camera anymore. “

“ Doctor my wife is the second best beauty in this world and do you know what is the first one? My daughter’s eyes, ” I felt as if she smiled when I said this. “ and I have captured both in my camera.”

Lying in the bed I closed my eyes. All images started to fade. Now everything was black and when I opened my eyes it seemed like millions of years had passed. I opened my eyes but…but it was still dark.

“ What is this Doctor? Switch on the lights!! “

“ Lights are on. Are you alright? You have taken such a difficult decision…”

“ No, no Doctor don’t worry, I was just checking whether you did your job perfectly or not.” I laughed but I sensed Doctor’s displeasure to my joke.

“How is my wife? “

“ Operation was successful but… “

“ I know, she need some answers. Please Doctor take me to her. “

The distance to her room was the longest distance I have ever travelled.

” I told you not to take this decision and you said you were just kidding, then why you did this? ”

She said. She was crying.This time she could see me but I couldn’t see her. I have given my vision to my masterpiece. Her image was not on my retina but my mind was drawing a blur image of her in front of me.

“ In our profession they say, If the picture is blur, you are not close enough,”

I was trying to guess her position.She moved closer to me. Her breath directed me to her. I kissed her eyes and she got her answer.

Sahil Lakhmani