A few minutes after I commited suicide

My blood trickling down my hand,
I can just sit and watch it flow.
The slit now hurts a little less
I think it’s time for me to go.

In these last minutes of mine,
I realize such a good life I’ve had.
Why didn’t I feel this way before?
These realizations now make me sad.

It was so painful when the blade went in,
Tearing my skin, my veins apart.
This way of suicide gave me some time
To think and shed some light on my heart.

I now feel I could’ve lived some more,
And had enjoyed this life for years.
But I feel very helpless now,
As life fades in front of my eyes filled with tears.

I find it difficult to breath now,
It’s time that I broke all ties.
While I yearn to live again,
For the last time I close my eyes.

~Aryan Pal

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