From his side

What worth is of your yes
If it cannot keep us together?
You seem more afraid than unsure of my love,
Why do you need so much proofs to gather?

Love isn’t a mystery to be solved,
It is a story to be made.
It is an opportunity you must grab,
Or watch sadly as it fades.

You should have given my love a chance,
For love never always pops up suddenly.
Sometimes you have to wait for it,
To seep through your heart slowly.

You always said I was a person
You had a kind of ‘special’ feeling for,
But you never thought about us
And now you weep, you weren’t sure?

I’ve waited for a long time,
Have spent my endless days for you.
I don’t know about yours
But I am sure my love was true.

While in love with you
I forgot myself yet got self-conscious.
Your blushing face made my day,
Your sorrow made me anxious.
I never doubted my love for you.

I would’ve fondly said that
I’d lay down my forever and wait.
But now I find myself sad
When I think of you and hesitate.
Wouldn’t be easy for me, but the bond
That never was made, needs to separate.

~Aryan pal

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