Forgive us dear Elephant

We are the demons, children fear,
Minions who burn their own gods.
We, a tragedy for the earth to bear,
A boon that turned out to be frauds.
What pathetic beings are we humans?

Murder of an unborn child,
Isn’t that what villains did in fable?
I wish I was born a wild,
For the shame of being human is unbearable.

Forgive us dear elephant,
Forgive us for torturing you,
For letting your throat char with fire.
Forgive us pregnant mother,
Who waited for her baby.
Forgive us for burning down
Your happiness of your newborn, suckling milk,
Walking beside you, stumbling down a little.

But every time I ask to be forgiven,
I fear, do I deserve it?

~Aryan Pal

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