Our Maroonish Love

Pour your molten passion over me,
Let my skin char with your name.
And when I’d call out to you
Lie down over me, we’ll melt into the same.

Let’s get close than ever,
Let’s not allow even love between us.
Love will just blanket us together,
And will let our exposed selves brush.

Kiss me where ever I say,
Hold me until I am done.
I want to fly through many pleasures,
My fantasies have just begun.

I want you to stay still,
While I explore you, as I desire.
Let those eye fall upon me,
And look whatever they admire.

Tie us up with your wicked lust
While we lie under the canopy of stars.
Fill me up to the brim with yourself.
I’ll forever cherish this maroonish love of ours.

~Aryan Pal

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