From her side

Since you’ve asked so many times
Yes, I like you too.
But I can’t confess it to you now
for I am not sure if this love is true.

I often ask myself that
why shouldn’t I love you?
You like me so much,
isn’t it fair that you are loved too?

I love to see your
eyes getting lit up
when you walk up to me.
I love the way you look away
when I turn my eyes to you.
I always know that you were
gazing at my face but I pretend,
I didn’t notice.

But these lovely acts of yours
don’t make me certain of your love.
Is love about the small things
of someone you like?
If it is, then I love you.

I feel better when I am with you,
I love it when you talk.
I love to see your lips shiver,
I hate it when you stop.
But is it love that you
crave to be with someone?

If it is love that I feel,
then I hate myself for delaying.
But I know you love me,
And you’ll wait for me forever.
Will you?
Or is it too much for me to ask for?

~Aryan Pal

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