Why do I love you?

Why do I love you?
Do not know myself,
It’s just that your
presence drives me crazy.

It is not about your eyes,
It is not about your smile.
It is not about your voice,
neither is it about your hue.

My love is all about you,
yet it is not about who you are.
I would’ve loved you
if you’d be someone else.

My love isn’t romantic,
Romance is just a consequence
of my love for you.

My love isn’t divine,
for envy burns often when
you admire others.

With no reasons for
which I love you,
there are no constraints
the way I love you.

My love makes me feel
but it isn’t a feeling,
My love for you is
a part of my existence.

Just as I breathe,
as I see, as I live,
the same way I love you,
but my love isn’t an action.

It makes me realize
the claim you have on me.
Yet it assures
me I’m a free living being

It isn’t like I’d die
if I will lose you,
but I would certainly
not be my usual self.

I’d change in ways,
I not aware of
but the thing that will
remain constant forever is, that
I love you.

~Aryan Pal

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