Dream for good

Should I tell them I’m phenomenal,
Would they understand it’s not criminal.
Possessions of mine are a miracle,
My existence was supposed to be mythical.

Envy eyes me, prays for me to shred.
I’ll always be more alive than you, even when I’m dead.
These are not words but the sweat that I shed.
I’m a revolution that does not need to be led.

Do you understand that your words don’t harm me?
They just seem to be disturbances in serene harmony.
You cannot scratch me even with all your tyranny,
You wail I’m useless, oh what an irony!

To all the people with heads hung below,
Dream and strive for fantasies roar and bellow.
Keep your faith deep but expectations shallow.
Mold yourself hard but keep your spirit mellow.

Bleed to nurture your dreams tall and strong,
Thunder against what your-self screams is wrong.
Lift your presence and soar high above the throng.
Shovel deeper you are there, will not take much long.

Should I tell them you’re phenomenal,
They’ve now learnt it’s not criminal.
Possessions of yours are a miracle,
Your existence drives people hysterical.

~ Aryan pal

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