While being splashed around
in the regular sea,
a part of ourselves die.
A portion of ours that wants
leisure and calm,
to contemplate and lie.

Seldom in the midst of this sea
our path breaks
and we fall hard on pebble lays.
Often we find this vile,
and strive
to return to our regular ways.

Sometimes the rock that tore
the swells,
leave us bruised too.
That is the time we lie down
broken and tired,
knowing nothing to do.

From these voids calm thoughts
and urge us to contemplate.
To comprehend the toil we
laboured for,
to witness what we accumulate.

Submerged in the deeds
of the gone,
we get the results of the future.
The rocky shore now seems
to be beautiful,
pristined off every creature.

Here you meet with
the silence,
of the space within.
Satisfied and contented
you sigh
and watch the horizon gleamin’.

The naughty waves then
surround you,
they came to take you with the tide.
You realize the hollow
for which you fervently vied.

Strange are the ways of ours,
once we
get soaked in the sea.
We reflect the sage we
and sail bliss and free.

~Aryan Pal

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