Let them be Free!!

Let them be free. Let them breathe. They are no possessions.

Don’t cage someone in the name of Love. Don’t make them the purpose of your life. You are not half but complete. They don’t need you to complete them.

You can choose your sky and fly with wings wide. They can choose theirs. Adjustments are needed, of course, compromises are not!

If needed both should do a little.

“If you have to walk holding hands

how right hands could be together

One would be right, and one would be left,

Hold the hands… hold these hands

Hold as you have to walk together.”

You can’t Love someone whom you don’t respect. Mutual respect as an individual is necessary.

Trust is necessary, Possessiveness is not.

Jealousy is no proof of love rather it is the proof of lack of trust and maturity in the relationship.

Love them in a way- they miss you in a room full of people.

They must know, in this harsh, brutal, ever-changing dynamic world they have arms who will cuddle them in whatsoever storm is defeating them.

Help each other but do not overshadow each other’s individuality. Don’t be the ringmaster of your partner’s life. Don’t overburden them with your desires and expectations. Instead, let them surprise you with their ability and uniqueness.

“In love, we try to search for the glimpse of other relation.“

For instance, I expect a partner who cares for me like my mother used to do, I can sense a feeling of safety around him like I used to feel around my father. We fight like I used to fight with my brother useless silly fights. Or sometimes we shop together sometimes as I used to do with my sister.

It is too burdening for a single person to do all the roles. I Understand. And it is perfectly Fine but trying genuinely and honestly will be appreciated.

“Not the perfection we crave, but sincere efforts are applauded.”

After a beautiful trip to some exotic place. Or after partying hard, or times when the world has denied you, hurt you, left you and you felt one.

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