Was it?

No, it wasn’t.”

“Then why you did this to her Avi?” asked Raj in a fuming tone.

“Me… Ah…I wanted to see how it feels when someone loves you.”

“Don’t lie! It is because your college friends have girlfriends and you don’t have. So you used her.”

“Yeah.Really? okay. Think whatever you want to. I don’t care Raj.”

“Accept it, Avi. You broke Diya’s heart.”

No…I didn’t.

“I never said that I love her” replied Avi in a careless tone.

But what you did was worse.“I will love you someday for sure, she lived with you for that one day And it never came” said Raj.

“I never said that. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. You think all this is my fault”

Avi left the room.. he did not like the way Raj was blaming him. It was not his fault that Diya left.

Avi tried calling Diya but she never responded to him after he denied her love proposal.

“I am sorry Diya.

I told you this dating idea is not good for us. We are just friends. Now look you don’t talk to me and left. I never wanted to break your heart.”

He sat on a chair looking at the windchime, she gifted him, was hanging at his room’s window.

Wind touched his face gently and a sound of laughter struck his ears. He looked around but there was no one.

Windchime waving in the air making a pleasant sound. yet deep. Yet mysterious. Earlier, it never made him feel anything, but today it feels different, like a mixture of smile and cries with tunes of music, dark deep somehow melancholic still enchanting. Every chord speaking a different story, a hope diving in the sea of hopelessness.

Avi avoided that sound, turned aside spread a blanket over his face and slept…


The wind was moving speeder than usual.

“What are you doing?” asked Avi.

“I am going, Avi”

“But where Diya?”

“I don’t know!”

“Okay! I am not lying. I never want to break your heart, but I am not in love with you.”

Diya listens carefully.“ Will you ever be? I’m tired of waiting” asked Diya.

“I like you Diya. You are a nice girl. We are friends but I don’t love you.” replied Avi.

“Please Avi…Just once. Say that: you love me”.

“We dated for months, you never felt anything for me.”

“You asked me to date you. But I can’t keep doing it. Everyone thinks I broke your heart but I didn’t.” said Avi in a helpless voice.

“It was you who asked me to date, I always told you I like you but as a friend.”

“It was never about love between us.”Avi added further.

Diya trembled with misery. She just couldn’t take it.

A tear trail from her left eye and touched Avi’s hand…

Avi opened his eyes.

“It was a dream.” he was relieved. But his hand could still feel that tear. The wetness of that tear was on his skin, still.

He thought for a long time about that dream.

“It was just a dream”his mind said. Somewhat inside him was sure it wasn’t just a dream.

He never saw Diya after that.

10 years passed.

Nandini, Nandini…

“Where is Jiya?”asked Avi.

“She is playing with her new car.”

“Did you bring me choclates,papa?”

“Yes. Jiya.”

But, Before that Jiya will drink a glass of milk in her favorite cup.

“No, Papa. I don’t like milk” Jiya ran to the porch of the house.

“Papa look stars are shining so bright today.”

Hmm…That shiny star is Jiya’s grandfather.

“Really papa?”

“Yes Jiya”

“And which one is the grandmother?” Jiya asked in a curious tone.

“Grandmother is just next to grandfather.’

“Look there”, Avi Pointing at one of the star among several.

“Grandma is not shining as bright as the grandfather.”

Because Jiya is, not drinking milk, so, Granny is angry.

Okay. I will come here and drink a glass of milk so that granny could see me.

Papa, “When I will die will I be a star too?”

Jiya!” Don’t talk rubbish” replied Avi.

Papa, I will be on the side of grandmother and grandfather and mom will be…

Jiya stop saying that granny is getting angrier.

“Avi, Let’s go and sleep. I am too tired,” said Nandini making a serious face.

Why are you making weird angry faces? Let’s go. C’mon Jiya.

When Avi entered the room he saw.. candles blowing all around balloons on floor Jiya’s drawing on the wall and Nandini shouted “Happy birthday Avi”

Jiya hugged Avi with a peck on his cheek saying in the cutest tone “Happy birthday papa”

Thank you. Jiya.

Tears of joy were shining in Avi’s eyes.

“ Thank you, love,” he said hugging Nandini.

Nandini gifted a photo frame to Avi in which his entire family was present- his mom ,dad, Jiya, and Nandini.

Tears filled his eyes as he hugged the two most precious pearls of his life.

Next morning. Jiya got ready for school, waved goodbye and Nandini holding Jiya hands threw a flying kiss to Avi.

Avi who was sitting on dining table eating breakfast blushed- his cheeks were all red and he waved back at them.

Nandini and Jiya were waiting for school bus. The bus stopped. They were crossing the road, when, a car came from nowhere and hit Nandini.

Jiya was thrown away out of force. While Nandini hit the ground. She was surrounded by a pool of her own blood. Lying soulless on ground in a crowded road. She died on the spot.

Ambulance came. Avi was informed. Jiya has not severe injuries. She was taken to the hospital. Avi was sitting in ambulance holding Jiya’s hand. Doctor’s assured him that she will be saved.

Her eyes were closed. Patches of blood were visible on her face. She started breathing heavily. Jiyas hand were getting cold. Avi pleaded the doctor for help. They tried every possible option so Jiya could breathe. Nothing worked

She died in ambulance holding Avi’s hand. Avi could feel it. He felt Jiya is no more around him. She is gone.

A chilling sensation ran in his body and he fainted.

In just a day, on his birthday, he bid goodbye to her little daughter and beloved wife.


Raj, his old college friend often visits him. He tries to console Avi but fails everyday miserably.

Avi came back home.Birthday decoration Nandini and jiya did was still there, leftover cake was still in the refrigerator, and that photo frame still smiling.

Jiya’s favourite mug was on the table where she left it after sipping milk but Jiya is nowhere.

Nandini’s was no where but her smell was still in bedsheets.

Avi touched his forehead like Nandini used to touch his hairs, her soothing touch was missing.. The way she used to hold Avi in her arms, after his busy tiresome day. Closer to her heart in shed of love where all his worries melts. That touch was gone. Those arms were gone.

Jiya dancing eyes looking at her Papa with Joy.

Nothing was there, anymore.

All lifeless was left in that house, no life was left.

Avi went to balcony, where he sat yester night with Jiya looking at stars.

Today the “grandfather and grandmother stars” were not shining as bright as the previous night but two tiny stars around them were visible, partially, hidden behind the clouds.

“Jiya is this you?”Asked Avi.

No one answered.

And he remembered her daughter’s words.

“Mom and I will be stars too…”

He broke down on the floor. Looking at his loves shining in that night sky, his heart only wish was to be with them.

Raj came running, trying to hold him.

Held his hand and consoled him.

Raj could not hold his tears. Seeing Avi in such a state was hard for Raj to hold him with his miseries.

Someone came behind the doors. She was Diya.

Avi..She ran to him…

Are you okay?

Crying sobbing she held Avi close to her, filled him in her arms and sat on the floor with him for a long hour.Avi didn’t utter a single word. All he could feel is Nandini is holding him.

He rested in her arms for a while…

And later realized. It was Diya. The same girl who always loved him.

It’s been six months to that unfortunate incident. Avi lives alone. His night usually is looking at stars from balcony.

Diya often comes to visit Avi. Consoles him, make him smile, To be there for him.Avi also enjoys her company.

But what he loved most was sitting on that porch looking at his family in the sky and wishing he could with them.

Time was moving, Avi was not.

He tried to look happy for Raj and Diya but he misses Nandini and Jiya so much that nothing could make him feel good.

Diya asked Avi to date her.

Avi didn’t want to break her heart again. He was not willing but Raj suggested him to give it a short.

Avi and Diya went to movies. Diya did whatever was possible to cheer Avi. Avi didn’t want to break Diya’s heart this time.

On her Birthday, she planned a surprise party for Avi in his house, as he was not much interested in going out.

Diya decorated house with balloons and candles. And their old photographs on a tree frame. All old happy college days cheered Avi.

Avi was pleasantly surprised looking at good old memories.

She lit scented candles. Avi was amazed how beautifully she decorated his messed up house…

Candles balloons rose petals all those photos of college and last six years. He smiled at her. Maybe this is my fate.

A sound sad and familiar stuck his ears.It was the same windchime she gifted him years ago.

“Where did you find this?”Asked Avi with a surprising look on his face.

“I found it.You don’t know me! I can find anything that’s my superpower.”

They chuckled. Their eyes meet.

She curled his arms around her. Avi said “Happy birthday Diya.”

Stretching his hands to pick a box from the table. This is for you.

The moment he touched her a cold breeze entred thriugh window hitting the wind chime’s and the chime’s music dissolved in surrounding.

She looked into his eyes. They come close. Closer than ever.

She could feel his breaths on her lips. The warmth of love tied them close in those moments. Avi’s lips were smiling. He slowly moved toward Diya( but Nandini smiled in his head). Avi was imaging Nandini in his mind held Divya’s in his arms,suddenly smiling Nandini in his head disappeared instead everything turned dark, all he could see was Nandini lying on the road lifeless in the pool of blood and Jiya lying lifeless body in that ambulance.

His hands and feet stopped moving, he turned around.

Diya could not understand what just happened.

Avi looked at one corner of the room. “Where is Jiya’s bicycle?”

“Where did you put it?”Avi asked loudly.

He went inside to check in his bedroom.

Everything looked clean. His birthday decoration was gone. Nothing was there. Nandini’s makeup cloths nothing. Jiya’s favourite cup was not at Avi’s bedside. Nothing that could remind him of them was there. All was gone.

Avi raged with anger.

“Where is my wife and daughter’s stuff?”

“They are packed carefully. Don’t worry.”

“What do you think of yourself, Diya. How dare you touch it?”

“It’s my birthday, Avi.”Diya sobbed.

“Oh.. then Happy Birthday and get out of my house,” Avi shouted loudly.

“You are so selfish. Like always. You never care about me.” Diya shouted.

“Tell me where is everything” he screamed at top of his lungs.

“I burned them all. Are you happy now?”

What? “are you mad?” Avid asked.

“Yes, I’m.”

“How many days are you going to cry for your dead wife and daughter.

I’m tired of hearing about them. They are gone. I’m your present. Love me. Live with me. Can’t you see how much I care.”

“Can’t you see How much I love you Avi?” asked Diya.

Get out of my house right now. And take all this stupid decoration and this antic windchime.

He pulled that windchime out of the window. Crushed it under his feet.

“ Get out,” Avi shouted.

When he turned back that windchime was intact like nothing ever happened.

Avi looked at Diya in dismay.

“Leave me alone, Diya”

“I can’t, I won’t and I never will..”

“Nothing is left for you. No one is with you. Be with me I love you more than anything in this world.” said Diya with strange confidence in her voice.

“I don’t need you, just go away,” Avi shouted.

Really? You can try. I waited for ten long years to be with you. I killed your mom and dad. Then, I hid for ten years to regain my powers and then she came, Nandini. Such an annoying girl and like it was not enough, she gave you a daughter too.”

“I will not leave anyone around you. I can not control who comes into your life but I can send them back.”

“Believe me, Avi Darling”. I can!

“Aren’t you shocked all of your family died in terrible accidents, didn’t they?

Have you ever thought about reason? whythe same death for everyone?

Because “it looks natural and is easy to do.”

Except for your daughter.

“I choked her to death with my beautiful hands.”

“You are lying, Diya. You were not in Ambulance, said Avi”

I was.. sitting with you. In Fact, I was sitting very close to you.

Your daughter wanted to be a star. right? I made her a star. Look how kind hearted I am.

“Don’t you see my love? I can do anything for you….” Anything…

“Say you love me. I am waiting to hear that for many years. You never said that always left me alone. crying.

Remember what you told Raj when I left-

“It was never about love.”

“See…It was always about love…

It is about love and it will be ALWAYS ABOUT LOVE.”

Till you say “yes”. Even it takes many births or many lives.

It will keep repeating.

Raj broke down on the floor. Looking at his loves shining in that night sky wishing to be with them.

Raj came running, trying to hold him.

Held his hand and consoled him.

Raj could not hold his tears. Seeing Avi in such a state was hard for Raj to hold him with his miseries.

Someone came behind the doors. She was Diya.

Raj…She ran to him…

Are you okay?

Crying sobbing she held Avi close to her, filled him in her arms and sat on the floor with him for a long hour.

Diya took Avi six months back, on that night, when Diya met him after ten years. Diya wanted to change the ending this time.

And the same story will keep repeating itself untill Avi accepts Diya’s Love.

Image credit- Pinterest

~Sahil Lakhmani

Hey all!! It’s nice to see you again. I’m sorry that I had to delete my previous content here on soulstory due to some reasons (mom got angry😅). But I’ll make sure you all like my new content too!! Love you all!!


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