Shades of Life…

I always thought life was Black and White.
There’s a good and a bad, a wrong and a right.
We don’t get time from our busy worlds,
To appreciate and watch the beauty unfurl;
The beauty of life, with all it’s shades:
There’s never a time that the colour fades.
Sometimes strangers come as angels in disguise
To show us that in reality, we live in a paradise.
Adversity too, has it’s own hue
Amaranth Pink, or perhaps a Palatinate Blue.
With Spring comes, a promise of sunshine,
This makes us forget how winter made us whine.
God gives us strength in mysterious ways
To endure the forlorn Winter days.
To appreciate life, one needs to live.
And perhaps, learn to forget and forgive.
From the ocean of colours: You can acquire,
The shade you love; Or most desire.

~Sahil Lakhmani

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