Worry is so worrisome,
It creates stress we would want to run away from.
We worry over things big and small,
Oh! the bacteria in my food!!
Oh! the new gen blues!!
Oh! my friend sings so well,
and oh! my waist! It increases so in magnitude!
And we worry worry worry!

What if we frowned a bit, laughed a bit, and then let it go
away from us, in a hurry?
Whats done is done ,
in theory sounds refreshing,
But Hey! Worry I must, over the past,
Don’t teach me stuff that keeps me from pain?
That plague in me, gives me pleasure..
How in the world would I enjoy my innately happy soul’s mirth?

Without worry, would i have nothing to do then?
‘coz I have embraced worry as my friend?
Don’t fret! Don’t torment!
The uncertainties will go,
the distress will melt away,
if you do de stress.
Do not give sad thoughts even a cent.
Get busy! Stay in control,
Life is a sugar bowl.
Its sweet and its sour,
salty and tangy,
so enjoy the flavours like you would in food,
Savour each bite,
‘coz that’s the essence of life that’s most valued.

~Varnika Kapoor

Do you know Varnika has her own amazing blog!! It’s lemmeb.com. It’s a really cool place.

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