The Beginning

 It seemed that all life had abandoned the place. There was nothing but silence around. A still, horrifying kind of silence, sucking the life out of everything that was left, unnoticed and lonely, left behind by time, to choke within it‘s own agony, anxiety and regrets. The rain began to pour down. The gushing ice cold winds trembled the trees, and the thunder shook the earth. The park was solitary. The only sound one could hear was the rumbling noise coming from the grey sky, and the pale rustling sound of the dead leaves, scattered all around. 

He sat on one of the benches, pondering what to do next. He had entangled himself so deeply within his thoughts, that he had lost awareness of what was going on around him. He felt the shadows of the lost souls, from beyond their graves talking to him, telling him every second that the path for him from here, was nothing but oblivion. A pitch black dark cave of nothingness, where lied the decaying corpse of something they called hope. 

The storm didn’t effect him, neither did the ice cold cutting drops of the rain. The only thing which flashed upon his mind was a face. A beaming face of someone who meant the world to him, for whom he would live on and die another day, just to keep that face smiling and contented. A face, which itself had brought back his long forgotten smiles, since the day he had lost them, in his younger days. A face so lovely, charming and heavenly, that for a moment, it made him think that it was a face of an angel, an angel which had descended upon the globe from the realm of divinity, too splendid, serene and magnificent, for a world full of barbaric, inhuman, gluttonous and insensitive men, always looking for the next best thing. A face which had given him strength, ambition, courage, happiness and above all of them, love. 

But today, there was no hope left in his life. No dreams, no joy and no light at all. Because the face that he saw, the diamond of his life, was nothing now, but just a faded memory. It was an act of the nature, some had said, that took her away from him. A tragedy, no one was able to explain. 

The nature still had many conundrums which were not yet discovered by man till date. Little did he know, that nature’s this entity, which was taking everything away from him, was way more darker than any kind of sorrow or regret than he could ever have felt or imagined in his life, and colder than the most brutal and morbid sin anyone could ever have committed. 

At the time, all his heart was full of with, was vengeance, pure bitter vengeance. It acted as a fuel to enrage the monster fire of revenge blazing within his heart. He was ready for war, waiting with bated breath to kill, slaughter and seek retribution. 

Also, at the same time, not a soul in the entire universe, had any sort of an idea, that this was the moment. The beginning of a massive battle, between man and nature, between the creature and the 
sombre element of existence. 


The latent instincts of man
The darkest enigma of totality…

~Siddharth Singh

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