The Whims and Caprices of a One-Sided Lover

When a war was unleashed between the mind and heart, 
It seemed as if the mountains had torn apart.
I was confused which side to take
For my one- sided love was at the stake.

Both began to lure me,
Into accepting their own line of thought.
I was amazed to see how vigorously
The two great powers fought.

The heart commenced with great enthusiasm,
Singing praises of my beloved.
To whom my entire life was dedicated,
Whose name was in my heart engraved.

She is so divinely beautiful,
So talented and so smart.
Is it any wonder that she,
On the first sight, stole your heart.

She possesses the grace of a swan,
The tenderness of a sapling,
The beauty of a spring rose,
The majesty of a king.

She stands out among the other mortals
Like a swan in a flock of ravens.
Her descent on this earth was a mistake of gods; 
Her place is actually in the heavens.

Her touch gives life and vitality 
Even to the feelings forgotten and unknown.
On the ground where she treads her soft feet
The fragrance lingers long after she is gone.

When she dances it seems
That the angels of skies have undergone an incarnation.
For redefining the fine art in a sublime way;
To elevate it to a new dimension.

While she reaches the zenith during a dance, 
Her Nightingale voice robs you of your frets and fears.
Her sweet melodious song feels as if
The heavenly nectar is dripping in your ears.

Does anyone possess even a fragment of the chastity
That illuminates her divine face.
Was there ever someone so worthy of being possessed 
In the entire human race.

Her very smile is enough
To send you soaring in the sky of delight.
Roaming freely on the clouds of ecstasy,
Or strolling on a beach on a full moon night.

Your thoughts have unveiled a new horizon,
She has inspired your fantasy to explore new heights.
With her you have spent your most cherished moments,
In her dreams you have sighed out many sleepless nights.

Now it was the turn of my mind
To furnish its arguments against those of the heart.
While the heart had won over my feelings and emotions,
the mind had to rely on my rational part.

She may be smart, beautiful and talented
Even a diva or fairy for you:
But one thing you may take for granted
That she is not in love with you.

You yourself are quite a unique set
Of qualities, achievements and talents.
Then why have you embarked on this path of love,
Where the future points only to grief and laments.

You can withstand hard times, no doubt
Or even recollect memories that leave you sore.
But the fangs of one-sided love are, my friend, 
In faith, too painful to endure.

She is not the only one beautiful
There are millions like her in this world
Moreover wasting time over a futile one-sided love
Is the stupidest thing I ever heard.

So, stop living in a fantasy world
Pull yourself out of this state of trance.
Instead of devoting your life to her,
Take a path where you at least get a chance.

Your love has no meaning for her
So better forget this weird love-mess.
Clear your mind of her memories
And start a new journey afresh.

Now that both the mind and heart were done,
It was my turn to take a decision.
The course of the battle now entirely depended
On my judgement’s wisdom and precision.

Though both had fought exceptionally well,
The victor for me was the heart.
For the truth was simply that
It had swayed my whims from the very start.

And so I began the final task,
To bring this argument to a solution.
To justify my true love for my beloved
And to end all this confusion.

True love has no expectations,
True love has no demands,
It makes you a king without a crown 
And places the whole world in your hands.

To gain her is not my motive 
Attaining her won’t be an achievement
If the purpose of love is to gain something 
What else is left in this world for contentment.

She may not be in love with me
She may not be mine in this birth
But in relishing my love for her 
I realized my own worth.

My love has transformed me into a new person
It has given me divine insights.
And if anywhere in the world, she is happy and contended
I will surely sleep better at nights.

And thus the heart finally emerged the victor,
The mind was the one vanquished.
But the battle meant much more to me,
For it was the victory of my love that I had ever cherished.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

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