The Rumors

Things went as usual, I initiated talks with Kritika, struggled to find more ideas to discuss and extend the time I had with her. These useless efforts of mine sometimes made me sad and think of myself and my dignity. But even if I wanted to I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop, not because I loved her (Yep, I loved her, took me a while to realize) but because I feared the agony I had to suffer from if my cravings to look at her weren’t satiated.

Love is often described as divine but my passion for Kritika seemed parasitic, feeding on me and my unsure will. ‘Love is a blessing if mutual,’ I had once concluded after pondering the state I was in.

Thanks to Aditya half of class 11 knew about my feelings for Kritika. But I cared not, I was in love with her and was suffering enough.

Then one day after school three guys stopped me while I was on my way to home and suggested to talk. Sensing the intensity that had at once increased in the atmosphere I agreed.

“You know me?” the guy in the center asked.

‘Nope,’ I tried to sound cheerful.

“Well, I am Mridul and Kritika is my cousin,” he was taller than I am and lean similar to Kritika, but his face didn’t match her at all.

“Oh hey!” my voice sounded too cheerful even to myself.

“See I wouldn’t like to waste much time and I am just gonna tell you once, stop spreading rumors about Kritika or … ” he sneered.

What! Was this guy insane, why would I ever spread rumors about someone I respected more than myself? It seemed treachery to myself.
“Mridul you are wrong I know nothing of this,” I said.

“Does it matter what you say, I care not. Just stay away from her or you will miss your intact sorry face,” he said plainly.

It felt so tempting to break this moron’s nose with my fist but the two boys beside him maybe reconsider.

“I’ll try to find who did it …” I said clenching my jaws I wanted to hit him so hard.

His expression-less face now exhibited a triumphant smirk.

“But I will not stay away from her, I can’t …” I sighed.

After staring at me for a long one second he left with his jerk dudes.

If Mridul was aware of my feelings for Kritika was she aware of this too? And what were these rumors this tall jerk was talking about? I didn’t spread any and how could I? I had feelings for a girl, why would I spread words that would only encourage her to kick me.

I wanted to strangle Aditya for a new he was someone I could blame. But first I had to talk with Kritika, I had to make things clear, I could choke Aditya anytime.

“Do you believe me?” I asked Kritika.

“Yes I do,” she said.

I was able to catch up with Kritika before she left the school.

“Then tell your brother to stop fooling around, I didn’t spreading any rumors and what exactly are they?” I inquired.

Her face turned a light shade of red, “People are saying that you proposed me and I said yes.”
Her words hit me like a brick moving towards me with 10000 kilometers per hour, so she knew that I like her.

“Kritika, it is true that I… that I like you but believe me…”

“I said I do believe you but someone is spreading them,” she said.

“So you knew how I felt… ” I couldn’t speak more.

“Yes, like always you behaved so weird, anyone would guess,” she answered.

I was in dire need to change the subject, I’m not sure if I was just dreaming but I felt the ground shaking.

“And my brother wouldn’t have spared you if I hadn’t told him that you are a good guy.”

Her words hurt, I wanted to tell her that if her cousin had tried to use his hand I wouldn’t be the only one with bruises, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. Not wanting to say anything further I said ‘bye’ to her and marched my way to my home.

Aditya was in deep, deep trouble…

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