In that cold raging night,
He rose above the tides
Defeated all his demons,
Brought an end to the fight.
What name did he have?
The mighty symbol of strength
No one knows about him,
As he was never seen again.
I’m searching for this hero,
Who can save me from myself
For I am just a host of,
The parasite that dwells…

I know I’m not mistaken,
I’ve seen the ghoul inside
Mind and body, both are taken,
Blood is going black and white.
I feel it every second,
The monster I’m becoming
Tell me a cure for this disease,
Or embrace the storm that’s coming…

The sickness will never stop,
Once I’m done, next one is you
That’s why we need back our saviour,
Out in the void one day who flew.
I’m searching for him now, it’s the only choice I have,
The devil still consumes me, but there’s another fact,
Strange but so true,
Sometimes his presence makes me glad,
And in these freezing winds of darkness,
I want to reach out for his hand…

~Siddharth Singh

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