The One Sided Date.

Did I tell you that precocious lovers are moody?

I realized that Kritika wasn’t much interested in me, the fact that I always had to initiate the conversations and had to strive to keep them going on (because she didn’t ever had anything to say) made me conclude that I had no chance with her.

Since I felt being played by Kritika I stop texting her, I even started ignoring her at school, in return she gracefully overlooked me. I felt anger and agony cocktailed.

“Hi Kritika how was the test,” Kritika looked at me smiling teasingly, the way my heart thunked after looking at her smirk made me realize that I still loved her.

I couldn’t control myself that day after a month of ignoring and not talking to her looking at her walking just a few metres ahead of me I couldn’t control the craving for her that gnawed at my insides.

“Do you even know me boy?” she asked, narrowing her almond eyes though still smiling.
What was with this girl? This question she had asked me made me feel that she did feel a little annoyed with me ignoring her, which made me further conclude that she wanted to talk with me which meant that she did take some interest in me but the way your conversations when suggested the opposite.

“Yep I think so,” I answered her question.
Before she could utter anything further her friend pulled her by her hand and urged her to get going or they will miss the English class. I hated this girl. Why was she so keen in getting Kritika to the English class? Couldn’t she see Kritika was talking to her hopeless lover? She was the same girl I had seen Kritika with on the first day of the school, her name was Vidhi.
Kritika didn’t argue with her, she let Vidhi pull her to the class.

I felt a little sad for my eyes were not now feasting on the beauty but a greater part of mine felt hopeful and excited. I knew I’d meet Kritika soon and this time I wouldn’t hesitate approaching her.

“I am going on a date with Kritika today,” Samarth was baffled hearing this.

“Are you sure bro?” he asked.

“Yep, although it would be a one-sided date, I’d invite her to talk with me in the canteen, it would be a date from just my perception though,” I explained.

“Hmm… then best of luck bro,” he chuckled.
I smiled a very broad smile, my logics claimed that I was being stupid but did I care? I eagerly waited for the recess.

I found Kritika standing outside the library, taking a deep breath approached her.

“Hey,” I called her.

“Hi,” she walked towards me.

“I have a lot to ask, should we go to the canteen?” I asked her with my heart pumping with an unusual intensity, she briefly looked at me decoding everything I had said and things I hadn’t. “Yeah sure,” she answered taking one more second.

And then we walked to the canteen, my mind was celebrating, butterfly fluttered in my stomach (Yeah that actually happens).

“So why didn’t you talk to me when you knew I was acting weird?” I asked.

“Why would I girls possess a larger ego.”

“Sure they do,” I sighed. So I was just over thinking about the whole annoyed-for-being-ignored thing she was just amused to look at a guy who behaved as if he had multiple personality issues.

Just then another friend of mine, Hardik passed us, he saw me with Kritika and smiled so wide it was almost satanic. I hate it Aditya he had told Hardik too. Thankfully Kritika didn’t notice this smiling maniac.

We had cutlets at the canteen, of favourite. While talking with her I noticed that I found it very difficult to make eye contact with her and hence unknowingly I started staring at her lips but soon I noticed that this was weird too and since looking down while talking to a girl seemed silly I resolved to look somewhere else.

Just as I was about to have my second cutlet, the unfortunate army of her friends arrived. I despised this but did I have a choice other than to greet them. “Hey,” I smiled at them half-heartedly.
“I would like to have something too, can I take this cutlet?” one of the girls asked, trying to appear chivalrous, I couldn’t say no but the cutlet she was pointing at was Kritika’s, so I offered her mine. Although this sacrifice of mine went in vain for the other cutlet was later picked up by another dear friend of Kritika.

So boys and girls, this is how my first date (one sided) was ruined by a group of cutlets seeking girls.

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