The Acquiescence….

Let me tell you Avi someone has said “Love is friendship. If she can’t be my best friend I cannot love her. “, Tara said.

So I’m your friend and I am the best among all the people you know. That makes me your ‘Best friend’.

Okay! So I’m halfway there.”

Avi smiled and said ‘This line you stole from some movie. I can’t recall it. But I know this.”

Don’t stress yourself, Avi. It is original by ‘Me’ Tara Sethia.

“You are a cartoon, Tara”

Silly girl.

Will you marry me? Avi…She asked.

He looked at her behind the mirror of his glasses. The laughter and cheer at her face left the room. Her hopes were slowly fading.

Her eyes could speak the agony her heart was going through.

Every second was passing like years for Tara.

Slowly he saw her eyes drenching in colourless pearls.

The transparent droplets moistened her eyes. Each pearl shedding her eyes were signs of how badly she wants him, to be with her.

Aviraj heart smiled that day and said to him,”I’m not shattered, but broken a little and cracked at places. I will be healed if I live with a girl like Tara. Don’t break her innocent heart.”

“Aviraj nodded his head and said “yes! I will marry you, Tara”

Tara hugged him and jumped like a child and shouted loudly we are getting married. Everyone in the restaurant clapped and congratulated them.

They got married. The wedding was fun, all smiles for a second or two. When he looks at Tara he forgets all his pain.

Nothing in Tara was like Meera or was as perfect as Meera. But the love she had for Avi was different. It was light, not burdening, smiles and cheers. He never knew life can be this easy. He still misses Meera sometimes. He cries and sweats when he remembers the pain and betrayal. On those days Tara sits on his side holding his hands. Cracking silly jokes as silly as possible to make him laugh and at the end, he burst out laughing. And everything seems all right.

Tara, your jokes are so silly.

But they work every time, don’t they?

You are the cartoon of my life, Tara.

Their married life was a room of friendship and love. Love and friendship live together, she always said.

He still had many gifts of Meera, he still holds many of her memories and still consider Meera as the Love of his life but never Tara said a single word against her or complaint.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

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