In The Throes of Love…

They were going out of town for a wedding. Avi was getting ready standing in front of the mirror when he saw Tara’s reflection behind him. He could see the image of him and her standing in the mirror together.

A girl dressed in a peach colour traditional wear. A thin silvery border around her transparent Dupatta.

Her long open hairs at back were touching her back and her bare neck.

Her slender figure was completely wrapped in a shiny peach glitter. She looked like a lightly bloomed Rose. Her smile charmed her look and the silver bindi on her forehead was as beautiful as her name ‘Tara’.

Source : Pinterest

Avi’s eyes were gazing at her. He was mesmerized and his eyes stopped when he saw a long line of sindoor she was wearing from her forehead to the middle of her shiny black hairs.’

That thin red line of sindoor took him back on the lanes of memory of their wedding day. The day he put that ‘Red sindoor on her’.From that day, till today and for the rest of her days till she breaths, she is gonna wear that mark of sindoor on her head like a ‘Queen’s Crown’.The symbol of his presence in her life.

His eyes couldn’t stop looking at her.

You are so so lucky Aviraj, his heart said and he smiled.

My wife wears my name, my existence in her life like a crown.

She flaunts me, our marriage, the love she holds for me like the most precious thing I’m for her.

He realised how precious and pious the relation of marriage is.

And slowly, he fell in love with her, a girl draped in a beautiful dress, a beautiful body, shining smile, gorgeous eyes with a beautiful heart, lips like the petal of roses and with that ‘mark of a sindoor’ which was the sign of their togetherness and love.

Aviraj’s Tara his heart said.

‘My Tara’ his mouth.

He never realised what it meant earlier.

He looked at her mother wearing ‘sindoor’ for years and now he also has someone who wears his name like pride on her forehead like a crown, like a blessing.

She flaunts me proudly to the world and I’m the brightest shining stone of her crown.

A voice interrupted his thought.

Tara asked, Why are you smiling, what happened?

Nothing. Looking at her beautiful face, her eyes and her bride.

She said in a chirping voice looking at the reflection of both of them in the mirror – We look good together.

For a second their eyes meet in that reflection of the mirror. Something moved inside him, at that moment. He looked at her as his wife for the first time.

That one second liberated him, gave him something back which was lost for years, he was healing, he was getting back to his roots, to his home, to his love.

He was lost in thoughts of present and past. Something was bringing him back. He was back to his earlier self what he was before meeting Meera. He was feeling light, liberated, loved, floating in the lands of freedom.

For the first time, after his marriage, he was happily surrounded by thoughts of his wife ‘Tara’. Finally, he felt like he had moved on.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

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