Confronting The Past…

Aviraj was smiling while driving the car, all the way looking at Tara.

The moment he came out of the car. He saw a girl standing wearing a blue dress under a tree waiting for someone.

Was ‘Aviraj that someone’?

The moment he embraced his present, past came looking for him. Now standing in front of him.

His feet stopped moving. He froze like ice. A voice so familiar and laughter so known were striking his ear chords and a moment so burdening was crushing his existence at that moment.

His mind tried to run from the moment heart wanted to confirm if she really is Meera?

Tara turned around. She could see a nervous man unable to move from his place. His smile was lost he was standing cold and numb.

Tara knew this was the moment he feared the most to face Meera, a betrayal, a pain, a wrench. Tara held his hand. The warmth of her touch gave him a little strength. She held his hand and walked with him, till they reached close to Meera.

Tara asked him, Go and talk to her. Whatever bitterness is left in your heart you can express it. Ask her all you wanted to know.

“Tara won’t you feel sad or betrayed, my heart still races for Meera, I froze even looking at her don’t you feel upset?” asked Aviraj.

Tara said wearing the most precious smile, “Why would I be upset?

I married the man I loved and she left the man she should be married.

Your heart races and you froze. Your mind and heart become hell even on the mention of her. I never want to replace her. I can’t torture you like this, even her thoughts torture you. I married you to make you happy, to live with me not to live with my memories crushing your heart and soul. I pity her that she loved you like this, a man like you deserved to be loved in beautiful ways, not like this.

Go and talk to her. I m okay!

Avi was standing listening to Tara. Every word she said was craved on Aviraj’s heart. He never understood what ‘Love’ really meant nor Meera did. They were living in an illusion of love.

Tara left his hand and moved forward.

For a minute he looked at Meera standing a little far away and Tara slowly moving away from him.

At that moment looking at both of girls in her life- Meera, the girl he loved with all heart and his wife ‘Tara’ a girl who loves him with everything she has.

He made his choice.

He ran and wrapped his hands around Tara. She turned around and look at him in surprise. Avi kissed her forehead near the mark of her sindoor.

And said you are my wife and you wear me like the crown on your head like your pride. You love me like no one ever had. I was searching for you in the wrong city, in a wrong girl you were always around. Sorry, I took so long to recognise you.

I searched for you for a long time and now I know “You are my Queen, my love Tara”. And embraced her in his arms.

They crossed the path where Meera was standing. They were happily lost in each other’s eyes.

The path of love that was scary earlier was to explore is now easy, holding the hand of ‘the girl who is his friend and will always love him.’

And Avi said looking at Tara,” I’m home! After seven long years, I am Home honey!”

The End.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

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