The First Meet

She is a dentist, beautiful, good nature, you know each other for such a long time, what else you look in a wife, Aviraj’s father asked.

He refused many times but father was not ready to hear a word.

At least meet her once, said Mother.

What else option I’m left with and nodded his head.

An open roof restaurant. Sun was about to set and the sky was filled with beautiful colours. The rays of the Sun were slowly waving goodbye to Aviraj as he was waiting for ‘Tara’.

After seven years they were meeting.

As it was getting darker. The colourful lighting of the city was illuminating the surrounding of the restaurant. Night sky decorated with beautiful shiny stars.

A girl came rushing to his table holding a white coat in her hands.

I know, I’m late. Sorry.

Aviraj pulled a chair for her.

It’s fine!! I was enjoying sitting here.

How are you doing, Avi? She asked wearing the most gorgeous smile.

We lost touch in these years. You changed your number, I guess! I tried reaching you.

Your friend Diwakar, he is my friend too. He talks about you.

Diwakar is your friend?

Yes. But he never talked about you.

Yes. I asked him not to tell you.


I wanted to know about you, so I traced my way, you weren’t interested in talking to me so you never tried contacting me. What’s the point then?

It is not like that Tara. We were never much in contact, said Aviraj.

Yeah! we were not, Tara answered.

This time her voice lacked the cheer. He noticed but he had nothing else to say.

A minute of silence floated between them.

He asked, “Do you want to marry me?”

Tara replied, “Yes!”

Aviraj was stunned with her response.

Straight clear yes.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

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