The Confession

“Ok before you decide anything you should know something “, said Aviraj.

The reason I left my job city and came back was a girl ‘Meera’. I was and I’m madly in love with her.

We were so much in love. One day she left me no argument, no fight nothing. She said, “I don’t love you enough to marry you and left.” I did not accept her denial. I was waiting for her to come back. I tried to survive that city without her for months. But without her, it seemed like I was living in a hell. Thoughts of Meera used to torture me. I have several questions in my mind, I want to ask. The day I will meet her, I will ask everything I’m holding for months.

Friends told me Meera joined some other company and is getting engaged to some guy. They say she is selfish and I deserve much better.

I don’t know what is right. How could she just betray me? I want to ask her. And I know I will get my chance before that I can’t marry anyone.”

His voice cracked and eyes filled with tears when he was talking about her.

“I can’t explain to you how I feel, Tara.”

I know Avi, Like happiness has left you and no longer you know, will you ever be able to be happy?

Yes! I feel the same.

His love for Meera was shedding from his eyes.

I feel blank. I’m not left with any hope.

I want to live, but I don’t know how to collect myself back?

I can’t ruin your life, Tara. I have nothing to give you.

At present, I even don’t have a job. You are a Doctor, an independent beautiful girl. You should marry someone much better than me. A guy who can match with you- a good person, loving, charming, independent full of life.

It would be unfair and very hard on you. I’m not right for you. Marry someone who can brighten your smile. I hope you understand.

Avi, What if I don’t want to marry a man who can brighten my smile?

What if I want to share my smile with you so both of us could smile a little.

What if I’m in love with this gloomy sad eyes of yours.

What if I want you to cry in my arms, so I can comfort you and on hard days.

And on those days when we can’t bear the pain, anymore I can cry with you.

You share your tears with me.

I will share my smile.

Isn’t marriage all about this?

Whatever, we have, we must share.

Avi, I don’t know why I’m saying this.

But I can’t picture my life without you.

I like you and I want to marry you.

And Aviraj, I’m a dentist, not a doctor. You always teased saying this I was waiting for you to say that.

“Dentists are doctors too,” Aviraj said.

Ohh! Really someone has changed.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

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