They got married in just 15 days. A plain simple wedding. Aviraj agreed as Tara was a family friend’s daughter. They use to meet at family gatherings and parties. They were classmates for 2 years then Aviraj left the city for higher studies and job. They were good friends before he left. But with time friendship faded in seven years.

Aviraj was in his hometown after seven years.

Old friends, old memories, parents we come back home when a strange city with strange people break our hopes shatter our faith people come back to their roots.

“To run away from the harshness of the ever-changing world, to heal and pamper. There is something amazing about the winds and soil of your homeland it heals you no matter what you have gone through. The winds of your homeland, your city, will always be kind towards you, recognise you, love you, pamper you no matter how many years it took you to come back.”

~ Sahil Lakhmani

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