The Prank Played by GOD…

Finally, one day he proposed her with trembling lips, tension at heart, and huge anticipation in mind….

She: “What if I say yes?” and smiled.

He: ” You know, this YES is the most important yes of my life. All my time, all these years I have wanted nothing from GOD, just someone who would love me unconditionally, who would never leave my side ever, who would be the happiest person to see me smile, and who would be the most aggrieved person to see me sad. I want to be the king of your heart, Prince of your dreams, and Knight in armour for you. I just imagine every second, every minute, every hour of my life supporting and loving you and promise to live your dreams as my own. A YES of you means the LIFE SUPPORT of me.

She: “Hang on, Hang on, what if I say no?”.

He smiled with tinge of sadness yet again. With deep sadness in voice, he said: ” Its OK, It doesn’t mean you would feel the same. If its a No, I would definitely feel bad, but not at the cost of hating you. I would take it as another prank played by GOD and leave this place forever. But I won’t keep any malice at heart for you.”

And guess what, her answer was definitely a NO.

But he didn’t stop smiling though, only that the smile was sarcastic like always, towards his own fate.

~ Sahil Lakhmani

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