Love You, Forever…

You said you loved, I ignored 
You said you cared, I didn’t believe you 
You constantly texted, I never replied 
You called, I hung up. 

You asked me to stay back, I left making excuses. 
Got a bus to board, got a class, running late, got a train 
Never did you complain 
I was rude, I was bitchy, I was full of attitude 
You were a calm and a composed dude 
This made you think you bugged me, I thought so too, 
But that, was not the case 
No more texts, no more calls, never did you wish to meet me again 
There was silence all over, and I missed you 
My heart wanted to call you up, it wanted to text, but my brain denied. 
You know, Ego. 
Everytime the phone rang, everytime it beeped, I ran to see your name, but failed. 
Then came the day, you said hey 
Holding my breath, I asked where you were 
You asked me if I even cared
I said I cared, you ignored 
I said I missed you, you didn’t believe me 
I texted, never came a reply 
I called, the phone kept ringing

It was over, I thought. He didn’t love me anymore. He would’ve found another lucky woman. My ego, had burnt me to ashes.
Ten years passed by. Time flew. 
Never did I forget him. Nor did I forget, the lesson I learnt because of him. Lives changed. I had moved on.
Then came the day, the day of our school reunion. 
Wrinkled faces all over, excited, with little kids around them. Young couples from school, now mature parents. We could’ve been one of them, I thought.
My eyes scanned through, through everything that came on my way. There was everyone except the one I was looking for.

I left the hall, convincing myself, that he wouldn’t be as excited to meet me, as I was, for him.

Then came a beautiful lady, excited.

My heart made me run to that little cottage, which could’ve been mine. One old woman, welcomed me with smiles. She knew my name, I was surprised. 
Then came little kids running around. They knew me well too.
He had found his love. I confirmed.

Brother always said you’d come. I’m so glad to meet you. My kids have grown up having heard stories about you.
-She exclaimed.

So, it’s his sister, I thought.

I asked her where he was. Had he moved to the city with his family?

She smiled. She said, it’s been ten years. They had lost him. Cancer had eaten him up from within.

When I thought he ignored me, he was in pain.
He was dying with grief, and I, doubted his love.

‘He has left this for you ‘, his sister said.

There came a pink card. 
It said, ‘Smile, and move on. Hope you’ve found someone you deserve. Hope he cares for you more than how much you care for me. You said you cared. I believed you. I wanted you to move on. Let’s wait for the next life at least. 
Where I’d be the guy, and you be my girl. 
I’m sure you’d do a better job. Love you, Forever.

Yes. I never deserved a man like you. I broke down.

‘Meet you in the heaven, after eighty years ‘, he added.

We would never meet. I know. Because heaven, is not for people like me.

In me nothing is extinguished or forgotten.

~ Sahil Lakhmani


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