The Number Game

After the great blunder I committed by believing in the words of Aditya, I was confused and desperate…

I had made a few new friends in the one-month old-new class of mine and by the grace of Aditya they knew about my newly born passion for Kritika these new friends of mine advised me on topic regarding her, for they claimed to know girls a lot.

There plots weren’t brilliant, they were rather immature and old school, but I have to admit that I took them very seriously and sometimes sulked when their love-ideal conditions didn’t match my state.

One of the major conditions I didn’t match was that I didn’t have Kritika’s phone number, “ Warm conversations always kick-start a love story”, they would say.

Have you ever put your head in the gaping mouth of a crocodile with sabre-sharp enamels? Asking for a girls number (who is your crush, especially) is even unnerving than that, and my earlier encounter with my beloved did not help my confidence much.

On a usual day, when my sane mind was veiled by the cranky love. I had decided that I had had enough and would device a plan to get her number because I knew I was not a stud who could just walk up to a girl and make her recite her phone number to him, I was not like that.
I had to have a great plan which would provide me with enough confidence to execute it.

Fortunately that day I actually had an epic plan, our chemistry teacher had given us a homework regarding a topic I had missed the class of. Being (or pretending to be) a studious student I asked him to explain the topic to me and in return he had said that I should just ask for someone’s homework and should go through it. The topic being easy I would be able to understand the concept without any difficulty.

All this happened in front of the class, including Kritika hence they knew that if I would approach them to lend me their homework they shouldn’t be taken aback.

I discussed my plan with Yash, one of my new friends, he was a person I considered the most experienced because he had a sad story of his own, he was appalled upon hearing this idea of mine and said , “Bro, your plan is of some mastermind type, it will definitely work!”

“Kritika,” I called her name.

Upon hearing her name Kritika turned to face me. Man! Was is natural that she did to me and to my interiors. My heart fluttered, encouraged and pumped up and utterly delighted with this exalted plan of mine “Hey can you please do me a favour?” I asked.

“Yeah,what is it,” she asked in return. “Actually I need someone’s homework I had missed a chemistry class.”

The look on her face made it clear that she knew what I meant, she must have heard my conversation with the chemistry teacher.

I felt happy due to a strange reason that she had heard. I thought (I know not why) that she took interest in me.

“So you need my notebook,” and she at once started rummaging for it in her bag.

I felt warm for she looked so keen in helping me but then the practical part of mine slapped me with the obvious reason behind this kind act of her, she was just being kind.

“No, no you don’t need to give me your notebook just whatsapp your homework to me.”

“Yeah, sure,” she agreed.

“Hmm, can I have your number, so that you can whatsapp me?” After saying this I tried to keep a poker face and not make my desperation visible.

She looked at me for a while, I’m not sure why. Maybe she had guessed my intentions, she sure was a smart girl.

“Umm… note it down”, she finally said.

“Okay,” I took a pen out from my pocket, I was ready, and a notebook out of my bag.

With every digit she uttered my heart gave a beat. I was seriously celebrating, I couldn’t help but I was beaming.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Bye and you’re welcome,” she swirled around and walked away.

Mission successful!

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