The story begins.

Sitting at the back-most chair I found unoccupied I sulked for having been separated from my friends and pushed into a group of strangers.

This is how my unfortunate love story starts.

My parents out of nowhere suddenly wanted me to change my school and join Saint Louis Academy. I sometimes think if my parents would not have acted silly and if they had not made me change my school would I have been more happy but then I think the possibility of never meeting Kritika and I shudder at that. I realise not falling in love is more dreadful than a heartbreak.

Contemplating at the new faces in this new class of mine I was interrupted by a familiar voice “Hey Ayur you joined Saint Louis too what a coincidence!”

I turned my head to look in the direction this voice came from. It was Aditya, Aditya was in the same school I studied in earlier supposedly he too had joined here.

“Hey Adi” I greeted him with a nod.

Aditya and I weren’t very good friends but looking at a familiar face in this sea of unknowns felt better. Aditya occupied the seat next to me and we started talking.

Then all of a sudden he shrieked with joy, “ Ayur look at those gals over there!” now don’t start judging him, the school we earlier were in had BOYS ONLY hence seeing girls he often got worked up.

“Stop it, it is weird”, I hissed at him.

But he was already too excited, “I like the one in the right, you can try for the left one.”

“ Hey I think I should go and talk with them.”

Before I could get hold of this idiot and hurl him back to his seat he was already out of my reach. He went to the girls said something to them and in return the one on the left something to him after which he walked his way back looking as if someone had punched him in the guts.

I wanted to kick him myself but instead I asked that what did she say.

“Nothing”, his gloomy face lied.

It is funny how we humans try to lie even though our expressions confess everything. We know that lying isn’t necessary because the other person knows the truth, still we try to reshape the reality.
Then once again I looked at the girl who had scratched my friend’s friendly soul, she was now accompanied by a boy other than the girl who was already present there.

This new guy with whom this girl was conversing was frowning, may be he was her boyfriend and she was telling him about this freak who had approached her.

To my surprise I felt jealous and sad thinking that he was her boyfriend. I found this lean girl with a cute, long chin very attractive.

After 2-3 minutes the boy with whom this cute girl was chatting and the girl who was standing with her walked away with their fingers entwined. A soothing wave of happiness rolled over me, I felt rejoiced for this guy was not her boyfriend. Looking at this girl I felt a strange want in my chest, I liked her. This moronic friend of mine had for once chosen correct!

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