The shy boy…

The shy boy would sit on the last bench and gaze at her across the room.

The shy boy would fill the last page of his notebook with her initials.

The shy boy would draw the locks of her Gaye caressing her temples while the teacher gave notes.

The shy boy would carve her name on the bench with his pen, and then silently his next to her’s.

The shy boy would write their names in a cute little heart in the mist on window panes on cold winter and then watch his little secret fade away.

The shy boy would look at her from a distance and if she laughed, would smile like a maniac the entire day.

The shy boy would befriend her best friend only to get to talk to her, but never would.

The shy boy would Lock himself in his room, look in the mirror and practice his imaginary conversations with her, only to forget all his lines when light from her face fell on his eyes.

The shy boy would look for hours at her profile picture on but on bute in sending a friend request.

The shy boy would the wash and iron but wear the same shirt again and again which she once said looked nice.

The shy boy would clap the hardest and whistle the longest when she got the first prize, but not have the guts to go and congratulate her.

The shy boy would blush every time her name popped up in conversation, but never utter a word.

The shy boy would dance with joy when she messaged him, even if the message read, “Hey, do you have Chandan’s number?”

The shy boy would see her getting on a bike with the guy and ride away, and then convince his heart that is just her brother.

The shy boy would somehow muster up the courage and get her a rose on Valentine’s day, only to set her to get down from the bike with a bouquet in her hand.

The shy boy would rent the best tuxedo to ask her for prom, only to find her dancing with The guy.

The shy boy would set up the game of truth and dare to confess his love for her, but when the bottle stopped only to find her asking The guy to propose her.

The shy boy would look as The guy went down on one knee and proposed her, and would clap along with everyone else holding back his tears.

The shy boy wouldn’t drink, and the shy boy wouldn’t smoke…

The shy boy wouldn’t tear away from his notebook, and the shy boy wouldn’t break the window panes…

The shy boy wouldn’t delete his FB account, and the shy boy wouldn’t block her on WhatsApp…

The shy boy wouldn’t stomp on the Rose, and the shy boy wouldn’t scribble over her carved name…

The shy boy would just write…

~Sahil Lakhmani

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