I wander, lost, lonely and cold,
A heart full of worthless pride,
Nothing have I done that can be told,
This emptiness of my soul stands beside.

What is the purpose then, of this pitiful life
Scorned by all, struck with envy of some
What is the usefulness of this unwanted strife
With things I regret, this cruelty God has done

Some say it’s great but they don’t know
How I live through my life, how I wish I could leave
Yes, I have been reaping what I had sown
But that doesn’t deny me the right to grieve
Grieve for more mundane things, those things I never got,
That touch of friendship true and fast,
That adventure I’d always dreamed of,
Those memories that will always last…
That I could recall and cry,
In making myself something more, the best,
These things I never tried.

So now I stand, with my broken soul
My broken will with it’s heavy toll
And though I may someday get it all
This emptiness will forever be my Fall.

~Piyush Tripathi

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