The Portrait

part 3

Monday 6:00PM
December 14, 2018.
Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The Mumbai sunset was something that happened each and every day, but for Akshansh this was the most beautiful moment of the day. While for some people ech sunset would be as monotonous as that which had happened the day before, but Akshansh found something more enriching, more happening in each sunset he witnesses, even if he had experienced a distressing day as hell this perfect moment when  the sun melted away into the sea colouring the horizon with the most vivid of colours could just evaporate each and every second of sadness he had lined through the day. Every Mumbaikar when asked the question:”what are the perfect spots to enjoy the Bombay sunset?”, was expected to to name either the Juhu beach or the Queen’s Necklace and if this question was posed to Akshansh his answer would be Queen’s Necklace.

Akshansh just loved losing himself in the unfathomable , beautiful nature. Today the Mumbai skyline was painted crimson orange deep red splashes and Akshansh was losing himself in the serenity of the moment with his favourite ‘cutting chai’. This was the time of the day when Akshansh flipped through his mind and relived the day just spent choosing the positives and negatives and since he didn’t have a lot of friends he did this by talking to himself. But many  things had happened that day with Akshansh and there was just one centre to it ‘the girl from the hillock ’. He just couldn’t understand why was he feeling a strange sense of attraction towards this girl and most primarily her eyes and countenance. There was a certain mystery to those beautiful brown eyes of her, they had an unfamiliar calmness ,depth and maturity in them and her face just radiated simplicity so simple to just spellbind a recluse like him. Akshansh had experienced the most beautiful phase and also the most depressing phase of his life and both were connected to his childhood sweetheart Anamika. It had taken Akshansh three whole years to confide his emotions in Anamika but after her Akshansh now didn’t even had female friends but yet Anushka , an unknown girl whom he had just met once in his life , a girl with whom he still didn’t have a proper conversation with had lit up the most beautiful emotion in Akshansh’s heart , an emotion so enchanting and exquisite that it couldn’t be expressed in mere words, the emotion of love.

What really is love?
An emotion, a feeling of treading on the path between an unknown to our life.
Love is a thread that binds two souls in a single being.
Love is the confluence of the God and the unbelieving…

~Anshumaan Jaiswal

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