The Portrait

part 2

Monday 10:00 AM
December 14, 2018.
Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Akshansh was flitting through his camera SD card, studying and choosing the shots captured in Shimla. He flipped through some of his beautiful captures when his eyes fell on the portrait of that unknown girl. At first he could neither recall nor understand why had he captured that image but then suddenly he recognized that countenance and in a flash he lived that incident & a light smile spread on his lips. He immediately wracked his brain for the name of that unknown girl when his mobile gave a beep signalling a notification; upon checking the notification he found that he had a new follow request on his page and also a new message. After accepting the follow request when he checked on the new message, he gave a gasp of surprise as it was a message from the unknown girl from the hillock. “Hi Akshansh, this is Anushka.I met you in Shimla the day before yesterday.” Feeling utterly surprised at this amazing coincidence Akshansh immediately replied to her message, “Hii Anushka!! Yup I do recognize you and perhaps I might be having a picture of yours.”

Akshansh was a person who had distanced himself from girls all his life after being betrayed by his childhood love five years back. That breakup had left his life in a tizzy and his only support at that time was his passion for photography. But now Akshansh felt strangely drawn towards Anushka, a girl whom he had met just once in his life. Overlooking this strange feeling Akshansh went back to flitting through his images and then buried himself in editing his photographs. At first he wanted to just ignore Anushka’s photograph but then he thought something else and also edited her photograph. While editing it he felt a strange sense of calmness and maturity in those eyes of hers, matching exactly with the backdrop of the silent Shivaliks. After a while Anushka’s reply showed up on Akshansh’s screen. “Yes, I remember that you captured a portrait of mine.., can i also sneak a look at it?” Akshansh immediately sent her the portrait and just for fun also added another message, “By the way you look quite cute..” with a smile on his face. Then he went back to his work. When after sometime he sneaked a look at his mobile phone , he noticed four notifications: thinking they might just be some likes or comments on his page he thought to ignore them but then an unusual tinge forced him to open those notifications thinking that it might be Anushka’s message. But just the next moment he felt a pang of disappointment as his inbox was just as barren as before.

~Anshumaan Jaiswal

To be continued……

Next part in a few days.

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