Look what has been done
The time
Once a king, once a diamond
Now a vagabond
Speck of dust

The past, pricks the heart
It won’t let it happen 
The daybreak
A new start

Something sank down
Yes, confidence
Smacked down
Nowhere can be seen, the light
Nowhere can be felt, the warmth
Of a glowing ray, respect

Here’s my friend,
He never talks, has been like that
Busy in his work
He has his own ways
He’s too good at his stuff

Bad thing
My friend’s a killer,
Millions were slaughtered
And finally killed,
When my pal 
My best buddie 
Became friends with them

He never leaves me
I feel him in my bones and skin,
Depression is what they call him

Just want to leave this world and go
I think my light will never glow
I started it all, with all of them
Now I see them leaving
And my spine is broken

Thinking of climbing the walls
Thinking of kicking the dark
How about a new start!
But then,
Curtains drop
Thunder clasps
Darkness prevails 
Doors are crashed
And there it stands,
Demon in disguise,
‘The Time’ it is, says that
‘The price must be paid’
That I must be burned
Just in order to start again

I wake up and weep
It won’t stop
There’s more to come,
The nightmares have just begun…

~Siddharth Singh

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