Long Lost

Long lost my zest to age,
My mortal passion crumbled away.
Time snatched a lot away from me
So now I live quiet.

These colours seem to me of no hue,
These birds I can’t hear chirp,
These cologned petals can’t make
Me sense their fragrance now.
The only sensation that buzzes
Through old me is loneliness.

I too lived once,
I too once held hands.
I bolted across this horizon of grass
With dear mates or either side.
I too once saw the sky blue,
I too once felt the soft drizzles.

Alas! I forgot about
These rotating needles that never stop.
These needles that make the eternity finite.
Alas! I didn’t ponder about
These lovely heap of dusts
Which gradually were blown away.

My inside pains for the loses I gained,
I am not firm to do anything.
Why do they give such beautiful gift
When it is destined to be lost?
Why did I live in a mirage
With sands on every side.

~ Aryan Pal

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