~Anshuman Jaiswal

What constitutes a successful life? What are the necessary parameters that we really need to tick mark so that our life really turns out to be successful? What are the most important ingredients for leading a successful life?

These questions are some of the most myriad and complex questions that have been posed to human beings.Tackle this enigma and embark upon a path that leads your names  into history books, while sometimes entire lives have been wasted just because they couldn’t bring themselves up enough to face this dilemma.

For some of us , there are a few criterias that need to be fulfilled to lead a successful life. Having a good academic record. Graduating from a prominent institute. Getting placed at a  multinational company with a big package .But does the word success have such a constrained and saturated meaning. I don’t think so.

In my opinion life is a one time opportunity bestowed to us by the omnipotent God to experience this world, to live our dreams, to conquer them and live our life to its fullest. To live our life to the standards we set for ourselves. To live a life without limits. Robin Sharma observed it so beautifully when he wrote , ”The only limits on your life are those that you set yourself”. People think black is an ugly colour. But it doesn’t bother itself by what others think of it because it knows pretty well that they see only half part of the entire story. They think black is ugly. They think red is bright. Yellow progressive. White symbolises peace. But perhaps they forget that black is not a colour by itself but a body that absorbs all these colours. They don’t see the entire story. They just see a part of it. So it becomes very important that we believe in ourselves, our talents, our strengths and work upon our weaknesses because there’s never gonna be another ‘we’.

It’s really important that we work on our dreams. It’s not an option. It’s our duty. The ability to see dreams is what distinguishes us from other living organisms. So why not build a life that makes us proud? Dhirubhai Ambani put it well, “If you don’t build your own dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

The great American author Mark Twain once said that if one needs just two things to lead a successful life. ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Confidence’. Ignorance of the what others think about us and the opinions and plans that they have for us because we should be the one dictating the terms of our life and not they. We must have confidence in ourselves to turn our dreams into reality.

Behind every successful life there are a lot of unsuccessful and challenging years. Success is not a jackpot. It’s a planned game requiring tireless striving. Untiring hard work remains the most important component of a life that would be remembered for generations. So make your life the car, your dreams the engine and hard work the fuel and race to the pinnacle of human possibilities.

Just remember, “Life should be magnificent and not prolonged.”

By Anshumaan Jaiswal

Edited by Aishwarya Mishra

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