~Aishwarya Mishra

“We carry inside us the wonders that we seek outside ourselves.”    -Rumi

Hey have you ever observed the most fascinating trait of human nature! We are always in a quest of establishing new connections ,whether consciously or subconsciously. Just look around your own self. We get connected with almost everything. The books we read. The pen we use. The shows we watch. The teams we support. The players we love. We feel bad when one of our favourite TV shows  comes to an end. We feel so bad when we lose our favourite pen. We feel bad when our team faces a defeat. We feel like hell when our favorite player suffers an injury. But why do we feel so? Do we really need to feel like that?The player can recover, it is his game, his life.Why should we be bothered? We can easily buy the same pen again? The team should look into the defeat why should we? All that’s nothing to do with our life. Hmm, really🤔?So why do we become so concerned about these things? Perhaps though in general they are just ordinary things,they mean a lot to us. Because they are not just things for us, they are a part of ourselves because we have somehow set up an underlying connection with them.

If we closely observe human life, we come to an amazing discovery, everything we humans do is about connections. Establishing connections. Working on them. Improving them. Why did Steve Jobs create Apple? Why did Paulo Coelho take to writing? The same reason connections. Connections are the motivation behind the greatest of all human achievements. Steve founded Apple because he wanted to connect the people around the world to his beliefs , to his passion and eventually to the way he saw the world. He did that through his products. Why would someone like to do something without an object at hand? Why would one form an enterprise? To use its product himself? No, but to connect people to that enterprise and its beliefs. Paulo Coelho too wrote ‘The Alchemist’ for someone to read. He wrote it so that it would help him connect with other people and touch their lives.Swami Vivekananda was one of the greatest monks to have ever tread the Earth . What did he do? He made connections. Connections with with his fellow human beings.Connection with the so called divine grace. And he tried connecting his fellow humans to the Vedanta way of life. So just see. Isn’t everything distilling to something really beautiful, the ultimate aim of human existence is establishing connections. That’s been the reason behind all the progress, all the art and just every human activity.

How would have life been if everyone had to live in solitude? No need of connections or rather no place of connections. Really interesting to even think about it. Why would one live then? Even mere existence would not be possible if there were no connections. Connections among humans,between humans and nature and every other form of living being.

By Aishwarya Mishra

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