~Aryan Pal

Humans are the greatest truth of the many centuries lived and to be lived by the millions of species on this planet. We are the reason for the change in the guise and the manners of the whole of the universe.

Yes we 5.5 feet humans have changed the infinite. Since we are so significant we must be smart, no? No! We are the most intelligent yet the most confused mortals on the façade of the earth, we are the most hardworking yet the most unsatisfied we are the ‘Humans’ yet the most animal.
The greatest folly of ours (according to me) is the confusion we have for the greatest essence of life, passion. Passion was the reason for emergence of humans out of the sea of the ‘futureless’ species. Passion inspired humans to feel everything, to live not for only the ‘now’ but also for the ‘tomorrow’, passion build us. Humans now far ahead from what they once were, we have raced a lot but while sprinting we lost unknowingly our substance. Passion now a days is what only the high profiles are suited to talk about (at least in India), others, the less fortunates are the engine driven by ambitions regarding money, that is it, the less fortunate don’t contemplate for passion, it is a taboo to them, they confuse hobbies with passion, they expect you to be passion free and practical. Science did more bad than good. Studying the empty and crude Universe we have absorbed it, can you believe it we have absorbed emptiness! We now behave like the universe rotating and orbiting around the things we think we are supposed to do. We stopped thinking different, we have stop pondering about passion, we are not passionate enough, I think!
The flame of passion is slowly dying in the hearts of the common, the extinguisher here is the practical world. You cannot live well settled life unless you become an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer or anything that can secure a decent amount of bucks for you every month, else you’ll be a nobody, you will have no family, no partner, no money, basically no life, you’ll suck at living , a loser.
I believe the soul of the universe would be so much in agony looking at puppets instead of zealous creatures.

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